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Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine

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Simply the best tanning machine on the market.

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Simply the best tanning machine on the market.

Just launched: for the luxury spa and high-end mobile technician. Includes 500ml of our very best tanning solution.


Treat your discerning clients to the ultimate in tanning perfection with the new Aura Allure, developed by HVLP manufacturing perfectionists, Wagner.

The new Allure combines all of the previous Wagner benefits into a new and improved design which is set to revolutionise the spray tan market. Its main benefits include:


  • The smoothest, most even tan possible thanks to its patented satin spray nozzle technology. This Swiss-designed gun is the result of extensive testing, and delivers the finest atomisation possible with exceptionally low overspray. Fresh Indulgence tanning solutions also offer perfect atomisation and spraying efficiency, making the new Allure a marriage made in heaven for your business. Some poorly formulated tanning solutions can apply very much like water and fail to form a fine mist, resulting in a patchy tan and a lot of wasted product.
  • Maximised profits due to greatly reduced overspray, energy efficiency and unrivalled technical reliability (no down time and damage to your reputation). The Allure comes with a two-year warranty, backed not only by Wagner itself, but also by us at Fresh Indulgence. Introduce this new system to your busy schedule with total peace of mind - you're covered.
  • Complete portability as a result of an ingenious retractable carrying handle, cable storage and unique gun holder. The gun will also stand independently away from the machine itself, should you choose to take advantage of the extra-long 3.5m hose that the Allure is equipped with as standard. With its extremely quiet 76dB turbine, however - 14dB quieter than any other HVLP on the market - you may not have any reason to.


All of these features are packed inside a compact, luxurious gloss black and glamarous metallic finish design, so you can really give your clients the VIP treatment. These are our favourite benefits of the new Allure, but that's certainly not all. Other exciting features include:

  • Extra capacity 200ml translucent cup.
  • 'Twist and lock' hose feature ensures your spray tan hose is completely secure and will not come loose during tanning.
  • Fine tuning flow control dial.

"I love the new machine, I have only done two spray tans but I really do think it's the best one I've ever tried! It's very easy to use, I love how compact it is with everything being hidden away." - Evie Lacey, Blackheath

We are combining this beautiful system with 500ml of our most luxurious tanning solution. Choose from our award-winning Original Fresh Indulgence blend, available in light, medium or dark DHA levels, or our cutting-edge Electric Tan rapid tanning solution.

  • The original Fresh Indulgence range offers the smoothest, most natural-looking tan possible. Specially formulated for those with the most sensitive of skins, this tan also contains skin-conditioning ingredients and natural extracts to leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated.
  • Electric Tan is a rapid tanning formula, which can be washed off in half the time of a normal tanning solution. This makes it perfect for clients 'on the go' or getting ready for a party. Applies warmer to the skin than a traditional tan.


"It's fab.... It's a lovely machine to use, so easy and the tan goes on amazing... a joy to use, very easy and foolproof. It gave a beautiful even spray resulting in fabulous tans. I and my customers loved it." - Louise Hopkins, Gloucestershire

Additional technical specifications:

  • 230V, energy-efficient 280W turbine with no sacrifice on propulsion.
  • 76dB 'whisper quiet' turbine technology
  • 3.5m soft flexi-hose
  • 200ml cup volume, the same height as the gun handle to enable free-standing on flat surfaces (no more spillages)
  • Only 1.6kg in weight


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