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About Us

About Us

At Fresh Indulgence,we have developed a reputation for being passionate about safe beauty by stocking only 100% paraben-free products and by being the only UK-based company to ensure that all of our tanning products conform to the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) tanning safety guidelines.

Each of our three popular solution ranges are made with botanical plant extracts, vitamin complexes and skin conditioning ingredients. Even clients with the most sensitive skin (such as eczema sufferers) report achieving a beautiful even tan with Fresh Indulgence, and our Original formula is even suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

Ethical concerns are equally important to us. Our main office in London is powered from solar-generated electricity and heated using under-floor piping. We use recycled cardboard in our packaging, and our entire range is guaranteed cruelty-free and has never been tested on animals. Our spray tanning solutions are also suitable for vegans.

Our Spray Tan Solution Ranges

We supply three different types of tanning solution:

Electric Tan: Rapid-tan formula which allows you to wash your tan off within as little as two hours (4-6 hours for those wanting a darker tan - your beauty therapist will advise you on this). Perfect for when you need to attend an event on the same day as getting your tan.

Caribbean Indulgence: Deep mocha brown tone, available in light, medium and dark. Includes an instant bronzer so that you can enjoy that tanned feeling straight after your treatment. Contains botanical plant extracts and vitamin complexes to condition your skin.

Original: Extremely hydrating and packed full of skin conditioning ingredients, Original also contains anti-aging ingredient Matrixyl 3000 ("botox without the needle"). Revive has a very subtle instant bronzer, but your underlying tan will develop into a beautifully natural golden tan. Suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

Your spray tan technician will help you to choose the right solution and shade for your skin tone, but whatever you choose, your tan is guaranteed to be:

  • Long-lasting with an even, gradual fade-off. Your Fresh Indulgence tan will last at least ten days with correct post-tan maintainence, and while some products may leave your skin looking blotchy, your Fresh Indulgence tan will fade evenly.
  • Natural-looking with no orange tone. Due to the high quality balance of ingredients that we use - including 100% organic and eco-certified DHA - our tans are guaranteed not to give your skin that dreaded orange look.
  • Nourishing and hydrating for your skin. Our tanning products do not contain any harmful ingredients, parabens or sulphates, nor will they leave your skin dried out, irritated or bombarded with unnecessary chemicals. When it comes to being gentle on the skin, a Fresh Indulgence tan is as kind and pure as it gets.


How To Prepare For Your Fake Tan

Tip #1: Exfoliate. Use a bath sponge or wash cloth to buff away dead skin cells and flakes before your session.

Tip # 2: If you shave any part of your body, ensure you do this the night before to prevent the tan from pooling in your pores.

Tip #3: Do not apply any moisturiser on the day of your tan, and be sure to remove any deodorants or perfumes prior to your spray tan session. Any creams or chemicals on your skin will block your tan.

Tip #4: Bring loose-fitting clothing to change into after your tan. Tight bra staps or waist bands can rub against your new tan, so try to wear baggier clothing for the first hour at least. Remember the instant bronzer will also transfer onto your clothing (don't worry, it won't stain!) so we recommend wearing darker clothes.


How To Maintain Your Spray Tan

Tip #1: With the exception of Electric Tan, in which case your beautician will advise you of your recommended development time, always allow your tan to develop for 8-12 hours before showering. The easiest way is simply to leave it on over night.

Tip #2: When you come to moisturise, always use a non-greasy oil-free moisturiser to prevent your tan from being prematurely stripped from your skin. Ask your beauty therapist about our aloe-based Oil-Free Moisturiser.

Tip #3: Avoid swimming pools, long baths, steam rooms and saunas. Chlorine will remove your tan, and anything which causes prolonged moisture on your skin (sweating, bathing) will speed up the rate at which your tan fades.





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