Keeping Your Skin Safe This Winter

As the image seen on our facebook page here shows, the effects of sun damage are striking. Yet the safe alternative to UV damage - the spray tan - has been under fire recently, too.

Finally, a medical expert has stepped in to separate the fact from the fiction, explaining that a properly applied and maintained fake tan is safe. Dr. Ghaheri explains that the greatest danger involved in receiving a fake tan is that it may make the skin more susceptible to sun damage, so correct spray tan maintenance should always involve using products which offer UV protection, even during the winter months.

The Mineral Hygienics makeup range is one great example of how to make this protection work for you because as well as being one of the most pure and gentle makeup products you can get, it also grants your skin this all-important SPF protection.

The other thing that Dr. Ghaheri mentions to be aware of is the presence of parabens, but by choosing a brand like Fresh Indulgence which is 100% paraben-free, this is something that you need not worry about.

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1 Comments To "Keeping Your Skin Safe This Winter"
Leah x - 18/10/2012

OMG I saw a programme about that truck driver who had sun damage and it never fails to shock me each time I see his image! I love that your company constantly highlights the importance of protecting the skin, so many people are still don’t wear adequate protection. I’ve now placed my order for some foundation and finishing powder, hopefully there’ll be an offer soon for the eye makeup! I’m running low on my Prune eyeliner and am thinking of trying the Jet Black brow powder too! Or maybe I’ll spoil myself on pay day :) I just cannot get enough of this brand and no other mineral makeup performs as well on my oil ridden skin, I’m so chuffed that you’re UK stockists! Best regards Leah x

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